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How does a bridal shower registry work

xXx Images How does a bridal shower registry work.
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The bridal shower is a pre-wedding ritual in which close female relatives and friends of the bride to be gather together for a party in her honour, and traditionally bring gifts to prepare her for married life. However, these days many brides may already live with their spouse and have all their necessary household itemsso the tradition of hosting a bridal shower is more focused on celebrating the upcoming marriage of the bride to be.

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However, things are different in modern society, and anyone can arrange a bridal shower — including the bride herself. It is perfectly acceptable for the bride to have several bridal showers, but where possible different groups of women should be invited to these. However, if the bride lives out of town and is just returning home for the wedding, the shower can be thrown in the week before the wedding is set to take place.

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Bridal shower etiquette suggests that the host provides guests with food and drinkas the occasion is a celebration of nature. As a bridal shower is a celebration, alcoholic beverages are acceptable and drinks such as champagne and cocktails are popular choices, as well as tea, coffee, and juice. However, this is entirely up to the bride and host of the shower as to what food they would like to serve.

Traditionally bridal showers were small events, with around ten to twenty guests. The female members of the wedding party, such as the maid of honour, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls would be included, along with the mothers and sisters of the bride and groom. Additional invitations would be sent to close female friends and work colleagues.

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There is a current trend for larger bridal showers, with every female wedding guest getting an invite. Although this is perfectly acceptable, it is not always necessary. The exception to this is an office shower, as it is usually difficult to invite all of your work colleagues to the wedding.

The essential guests for a traditional bridal shower are the mothers and sisters of the couple, and these should always be invited to take part in the organisation of the bridal shower.

Perhaps one could be asked to assist with the catering while another is asked to keep track of any gifts and another is asked to help with decorations.

The host of the shower or the bridesmaids will plan what games to playunless the bride has made specific requests. In a modern context, the bride to be will create a gift registry to provide guests with a list of gift suggestions.

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However, if the bride has not created a gift registry, here are some appropriate bridal shower gift ideas for modern brides. Bridal shower etiquette allows for brides to have more than one shower, however, the same guests should not be invited to every shower, and if they are, they are not required to bring a gift each time.

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This tradition can be followed up by another bridal shower gift tradition which involves the bride creating a bouquet made from ribbons and bows which adorned the gifts she unwrapped moments before.

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