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How much are alternators at autozone

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Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I ordered a jack online and never received it. I called AutoZone because the tracking number they gave me didn't work. The first person I talked to said the jack was coming from FedEx. Well after 12 days I call AutoZone and tell them I haven't heard anything.

They told me AutoZone never sent them my phone number and nobody from AutoZone would return their phone calls, so How much are alternators at autozone sent the jack back to the manufacturer, so AutoZone tried to say it was my fault. I called AutoZone back and they said they will try to turn the order around and have it shipped back to me, so at this point I don't trust that they are competent enough to send my order out, so I call the manufacturer directly and they tried dealing with AutoZone to reprocess the order, so I was hopeful with the phone calls and footwork I had to do.

After another 8 days I called the manufacturer to see the status and she hasn't seen anything from AutoZone yet, so my order never got re-sent, at this point it been almost a month since I placed my order And I'm just done with these clowns and want to get my money I never received, so will see how long that takes.

I spent probably 7 hours dealing with this. It would've been easier to just build the damn jack myself. I ordered a part on Monday and called them on Wednesday asking where my part was.

They said I would get my tracking information later in the day and part should be at my house Thursday. It is now Thursday and I have no tracking information. Emailed customer service this morning and they said they have an inquiry into the parts house.

So this afternoon I emailed again and they told me to wait hours for a response. This is an unacceptable answer for a part that is carried in almost all of their stores and advertised to be next day delivery.

I asked them to send the order to my local store and I would pick it up there and they declined to do so. I typically don't write reviews but this left a bad taste in my mouth. After 20 minutes of waiting for someone to check us out, still no one came. We bought shop equipment for mechanics. I was just driving my How much are alternators at autozone.

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Nobody helped us in the store. Not after he paid. Again it was a big heavy box and no one offer to help carry it outside. When we got outside and were putting it in the car a guy ran after us asking if we paid and asking for a receipt and asked who we paid with.

We were still carrying a heavy box as he demanded to see the receipt and again no offer for help. How much are alternators at autozone got really upset and made my brother return everything.

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You will never see us going back there and I will tell everyone about my experience. Was in a location yesterday here in town buying some quick paint and went over to the checkout station. MY check hadn't deposited yet and when I used my debit card it was declined, which How much are alternators at autozone did expect but what came next bothered me more than anything. From his screen he was able to tell me exactly how much was in my account. Why is it any of their business how much is in my account and if they can see that from their screen what stops them from check everyone's debit cards approved or not.

My friend and I got a flat tire while driving and the closest place near was an AutoZone. But no one was answering our calls. So Bruce was so patient and kind with us.

He informed us on everything. I just wanted to acknowledge ho1w great he was and how he went above and beyond to help us. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I was in the store for about ten minutes before anyone spoke.

When the guy How much are alternators at autozone the register asked what I needed, he said he would be out in a minute. While I waited for him, another customer came and ordered something, which made me think I should order it as well.

Trying to kill two birds with one stone by getting my battery charged during the 30 minutes I was already there, I got tired and returned the purchase of the headlights I purchased.

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