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Overcoming fear of abandonment in relationships

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Want to overcome abandonment issues? Abandonment is something that many of us face at some point in our lives, either through parental issues, breakups, or simply going through tough experiences.

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The pain and trauma that comes with feeling abandoned can be harrowing, and often sticks with us throughout our lives. Here are some tips for overcoming abandonment issuesso that you experience life to the full…. Let Someone In Big changes start with small steps.

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Move at a pace that suits you and give yourself time to realize that not everyone is going to betray your trust. Find An Outlet Find a safe place to express your feelings of anxiety and fear. Writing things down often helps us process them more clearly, and is a good way to get everything out.

If singing or creating pieces of art feels more natural to you, go for it. Sports can be a good choice too — the idea of being part of a team who have to commit to each other. This sense of community and mutual respect can serve as a fun reminder that you can rely on people.

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Own Your Feelings Part of working on your mental wellbeing and all the things that are tied into it self-confidence, intimacy issues, and anxiety is owning how you feel. It can be so easy to hide in the comfort of denial and not really accept that anything feels scary or worrying.

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Instead of jumping to cover up or hide your feelings, try to work on acknowledging them. We all self-sabotage sometimes in order to avoid fully immersing ourselves in experiences. Consider what it means and what has triggered it — perhaps looking at old photos or speaking to a certain individual.