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Talking on the phone with your girlfriend

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In fact, with a little information and a good attitude, you may find yourself looking forward to it. If something particularly funny or interesting happened to you during the day, share this with her as well. Ask lots of open-ended questions.

This is the most important part of keeping a conversation going with anyone, from your girlfriend, to you grandfather, to the kid next door. People like to talk about themselves as a general rule, and if you open that conversational door, most will walk through it. The idea is to ask things that will lead naturally into conversation, not to pepper her with interview questions.

Ask about her day.

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This is an obvious place to start. Ask about mutual interests and acquaintances. More than likely, you and your girlfriend share various interests. This is a great way to introduce a subject you can both talk about, while still framing it as a question.

Ask for support or advice. It is important to offer your girlfriend a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on when she needs it, but if she feels like you never need support from her in return, she may begin to feel Talking on the phone with your girlfriend a burden. No one wants to date an emotionless robot who never needs help. Ask what she wanted to be when she grew up when she was 7.

This is a bit of an unusual question.

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It will show her that you are interested in learning more about her, and give you some new perspective. Share an anecdote from your day. If something particularly funny or interesting happened to you today, tell her about it.

It can be easy to rely too heavily on gripes about frustrating situations when you do this, so try to make sure you are not just rattling off complaints. Make or discuss plans.

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Brainstorm fun things the two of you could do together this week. If you already have plans, talk about how excited you are to go to that concert, or mention a review you read of the play you are going to see.

This will help her get excited too, and make her feel like a valued part of your life. Share your goals and aspirations. You don't want to monopolize the conversation, but no one likes to date a person with no ambitions. Tell her about some of your hopes and dreams. This should constitute a small portion of your conversation, and you should avoid anything too brutal or personal, Talking on the phone with your girlfriend this can be an easy fallback if you are at a loss.

There aren't a lot of people who can resist indulging in gossip from time to time. Inviting her to tell you more about something she just said will let her know you are interested.

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It will also extend the mileage you get out of that particular subject, saving you from immediately having to come up with a new topic. Try to understand her. This is perhaps the most important conversational skill you can cultivate. Not only will this make conversation with your girlfriend flow more easily and naturally, it will make her feel truly seen and heard, increase her trust in you, and bring the two of you closer together.

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In a healthy relationship, there should be equal conversational space for both of you. That said, sometimes one of you will need more attention or support than the other.

An empathetic listener is willing to let the other person dominate the conversation when he or she needs to, without inserting his or her own ego. It can be easy to get so lost in trying to think of things to say that you forget to really listen.

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This spells the death of empathy. Let her say what she needs to, and listen without interrupting. Make open-ended, non-judgmental responses that demonstrate you were listening. I know how important your dog was to you.

Reflect her feelings back to her. Invite her to continue.

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Ask for updates about things she mentioned before. This will show her that you really pay attention to the things she shares with you, and that you care about the things that are important to her.

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Avoid offering solutions unless she asks for them. Many men see telling people about their problems as a practical route toward solving those problems. Many women, on the other hand, want commiseration more than practical suggestions. When your girlfriend tells you about something she is struggling with, your first instinct may be to offer solutions. There is a good chance that what she wants is simply to get something off her chest.

If she wants advice, she will probably ask for it. Until then, a good working assumption is that what she really wants is just to feel understood.

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Demonstrate that you relate to what she feels. This will definitely not be appropriate in all situations, but sometimes sharing a story about a time when Talking on the phone with your girlfriend experienced something similar can help validate her experiences and make her feel less alone.

Don't go on too long though. You don't want to overshadow her or make the conversation all about you. Avoid invalidating her feelings. Emotions are not rational things, and people who are upset are not always reasonable. There will be time for this later. Right now your job is to listen.

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