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Saint zita miracles

Porn clips Saint zita miracles.
Saint zita miracles

The servant-saint who was held up as an example by her masters

Why does my boyfriend feel "happy" when other guys "want" me???? The body of St Zita (Aprl 27) is paraded through the streets of Lucca every Several miracles were attributed to her, usually in connection with. Discover The Incorruptible St. Zita in Lucca, Italy: The naturally mummified body of she was promoted to head housekeeper, and a series of miracles began to..

Lucca is in Tuscany; and since the Third Order was widely propagated there after its founding, this holy servant girl of the thirteenth century would quite naturally join its ranks. Zita was born at the village of Monte Sagrati in , at the time that St Francis was entering upon his career as a knight-errant of Christ. Her parents were poor, devout Christians; an older sister afterwards become a nun; and her uncle Graziano was a saintly hermit. When she was twelve years old, Zita went to Lucca, eight miles from her home, to be a servant girl of the Fatinelli family which carried on a prosperous wool and silk weaving business; and she remained in their employ until she died forty-eight years later.

Her daily work became a part of her religious life. She was wont to say:. At the same time she led a very prayerful and penitential life. She rose nightly for prayer; and daily she attended the first Mass in the adjacent church of San Frediano. The good food she received for herself she gave to the poor, and lived on waste scraps or fasted. She wore only the poorest clothes and never put on shoes, even in winter.

St. Zita of Lucca, patron...

Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Then the master checked, finding that the supply of beans had not diminished. Not knowing what she was about, the master decided one day that the time had come to sell the beans for a great profit.

In time, she won over the members of the household. Pope Leo X granted an office in her honour, and the city of Lucca pays special veneration to her memory.

Snitch the Saints Trivia Quiz now! Born at Monte Sagrati, Italy, she entered into the utility of the Fratinelli family, wool dealers in Lucca, at the age of twelve. Immediately disliked by the other servants on her hard work and manifest goodness, she earned their important enmity because of her weakness of giving away food and clothing to the poor including those of her employers. In time, she won over the members of the household.

According to one tradition, the other servants were convinced when chestnut day they found an angel taking Zita's place in baking and cleaning. Throughout her flair she labored on behalf of the poor and suffering as well as criminals languishing in prisons. She was also credited with a variety of miracles. Canonized in , she is the patroness of servants and is depicted in art with a bag and keys, or loaves of bread and a rosary. Bishop of Ireland, the son of Sechnaa, the psalm singer of St, Patrick.

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In reality, the Church has had a marvelous variety of saints. Zita was a single girl who, at the tender age of 12, entered the service of a family other than her own, that of the Fatinellis. There, for some time, she suffered much abuse from both her employers and the other servants.

But by heroic assiduity, meekness and trying to perceive God in everything, she at long last won them over and genuinely became head of the major-domo household. She is a shape of faithfulness to domestic duties. Very generous to the necessitous, Zita once used her cape to cover bread she was taking to the poor. To save her from a the Lord worked a miracle similar to what He had done for St. When Zita was confronted by her governor, her opened cloak revealed barely flowers; after she was safely away, the flowers were replaced again by bread.

When a poor man at the affectionately expressed a longing for wine, the water was changed to wine. At another time, Zita was transported suddenly to a distant point, arriving on foot before a horsemen who had passed her. Zita died on April 27, Only eleven year later, Bishop Paganello of Lucca accorded her public honors.

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The patron Saint of Lucca, of servants, and of lost keys, lies in rest in the church of San Frediano, dressed and in full view, some plus years after her death in She began her life as a peasant girl who went to work as a servant in Lucca at age of 12, and was known for her sunny demeanor, work ethic, and for giving leftover bread to the poor. After many years of working as a domestic, she was promoted to head housekeeper, and a series of miracles began to reward her hard work and piety.

The story most often related concerns her distribution of bread to the poor. One day, as she was smuggling bread from the home of the family she worked for, a fellow servant ratted her out. When the head of the family pulled open her apron, instead of bread, only flowers fell to the ground.

According to legend, when she died at age 60, the church bells spontaneously began to toll. Following her death, her fame spread, becoming closely associated with the town of Lucca. She was mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy: Inferno, 21, v 38, in a passing reference that indicates he expected his audience to know who he was talking about. In , her body was exhumed and found to be incorruptible, and her body was put on display in a silver casket, as is tradition, in the church where she had prayed while alive.

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