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Margot robbie wolf of wall street scene

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The former Neighbours actress tells us about what it was like meeting Leo for the first time, filming the naked scenes there are a few and about her clothes in The Wolf of Wall Street ….

While trying to reconcile after...

I was very fortunate. It was at an audition.

That was probably a good thing in hindsight. We had a brilliant costume designer who was very specific about using the original brands.

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She looked at the pictures of Nadine the real-life Naomi back in the day and sourced those brands from the specific year the scenes were filmed in. It was really awesome trying them all on and we used to do hours of fittings.

It was so cool seeing vintage Chanel, Versace, Armani It was head to toe Versace and I looked like Michael Jackson. It was so blinged out with the gold but it was just brilliant. I had to wear really long acrylic nails for the entire six month shoot.

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It was a key element to my character. They were integral to her. It was incredibly inconvenient for my personal life.

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It was a relief to get them off. If I was revolted by it then that was perfect because it made her as far removed from my own personal style as possible so I felt less like myself and more my character which makes the acting process easier.

Hair and make-up was minimum of two hours but getting dressed took a little longer especially depending on the shoes. Because they were vintage shoes we had to deal with whatever size we got.