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Modified midget race cars and mini spri

Nude Photo Galleries Modified midget race cars and mini spri.
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I think due to the low car counts of the mini-sprints, the held over Spec Sportsman Feature from last week was a convenient excuse to get rid of this class. I hope we can keep them running there. It's nice to have regular mostly weekly sprint car racing going on in this area. The car count does need to improve, I just hope they have the opportunity and time required to grow this class before the plug is pulled for good.

The Mini Sprint class has been on the decline Modified midget race cars and mini spri last few years at Accord. I am not exactly sure whybut I have noticed the car counts have been declining.

I believe the last week they had about 8 cars or so. I agree that had their not been a tour race at Malta last week we would have seen at least 14 cars. Still, that is not the answer every week, the last time they race Accord they had like 10 cars with no tour race. Not to mention last week out of 7 cars that showed up, 2 flipped, trashing their cars, and 4 more blew motors. Only 2 cars finished the feature only 6 cars started, which to Accords credit did go the full 20 laps even with the small field and one of the 2 that finished blew up after it crossed the finish line.

I would doubt some of those cars would be back this week, which would probably make for a very small field. Give them a few weeks to regroup and give them another shot, I would hate to see them removed from Modified midget race cars and mini spri schedule for good.

There is alot of work being done right now to correct this division. It was unfortunate but it opened the door for a new series. We began working on this new series right away and are very excited about it. We have a new name, logo, rules, and a website on the way.

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Its gonna be big. Seals are already purchased to seal the motors.

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The FEW built motors out there can still be raced at a weight disadvantage. But NO more can be built or purchased. If your built motor blows up it MUST be replaced with a stock motor. Also, and motors are now legal. This cuts costs down dramatically. We will begin heavy promotion of this very soon.

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We are searching for a date this year to get 1 race in. Ive been in touch with Gary so he knows why the car counts are low at Accord. He has been very helpful and we appreciate his support. We already proved that we can still get cars as we had 27 at Albany Saratoga last friday.

We just need to get the truth out there about this class. Modified lap times for a fraction of the price. If anyone has any questions. Being the one that started this Mini Sprint class in the mid 80's, I don't care for the name.

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I think it'll hurt more than help. Mini Sprints are Mini Sprint not Sprints. Lets call apples, apples not something they aren't. I didnt pick it, but I disagree a little. Mini Sprints can be 's 's or 's.

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Its a little confusing. The 's need there own name in my opinion. They have been calling them lightning sprints around the country for a while.

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In Illinois, Canada, California etc. They are after all a FULL size midget chassis these days, unlike the class which is a true mini. The class is bigger than ever over there. The only reason it fell off around here is because of motors. Were trying to link all the different clubs together. Some of the people involved in the new series have been around this class since the beginning as well. Thanks for the input though. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

When can we get you back in a car?! You also have to take into acount that "Micro" sprints were the old cc motors I like your name. I think the and classes need their own name to distinguish themselves from the others. California, Illinois, Colorado, Canada etc have all signed on. The website should be done in a matter of days with press releases to follow.

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We are just jumping on board here in NY. We will have our own seperate website with links Modified midget race cars and mini spri. I spoke to Gary Palmer today, Minis will not be returning to Modified midget race cars and mini spri this year but he supports what we are doing and will try and give us a couple dates in This is what evryone had been waiting for. I the mid 80's when i started the Mini Sprint class here it took a while before we started getting a lot of good press.

Once we started getting a lot of good press, Micro Midget and Modified Midget groups started calling there cars Mini Sprints to get in on the new band wagon. When we would got to show or new track we had to keep explaining why our Mini Sprints were bigger. The same clubs that quit the National Micro Midget Assoc. Micro or Modified Midget are smaller frame cars with side mount motors.

Most of us know what the size of Sprint car is with 3 main classesand Just because you are going to run cc instead of cc doen't mean you are a Sprint car. Just one more class to confuse race fans. It seems you are working very hard to make the most of season. I wish you the best of luck. I feel very fortunate that we have a track in this area like Accord Speedway that is willing to support the mini-sprint division, and it would be a big loss if great racing like this went away in our area.

Wingless is the way to go. There are just to many different divisions of what appears to be the same style of car. You and I can tell the difference but can the average fan? It works in the Modified world because Modifieds are the top dog in New York and always will be. Then came the current Sportsman and they fit in nicely There should be no more than 2 of these divisions It is like karting, ever wonder why very few fans go and watch unless they are associated with a team?

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It's because most tracks run 12 classes that look alike The NYMM have wings and seem to be doing well The name doesnt make the series or division Its the same way in the sprint car world If you cant afford to run in one of the three established divisions then find a different form of racing The issue you have with wingless is safety.

That was one of the main reasons we went to the 16sq wing for the class.

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We are running at well over mph at most of our tracks, our wrecks are bad enough. I would have hated to see what happened if the wing wasn't there.

I was also witness to two wrecks at Paradise over the years where I still wonder to this day had either driver had a wing on if they would have walked away a little easier and not with the aid of the ambulance.

A wingless class is a great idea, but a wingless series in NY just does not have the abundance of safe tracks to run on. Now if we are talking one track, by all means wingless racing is awesome and really takes the power out of the cars and makes driver ability key.

Being a wing fan, it was great seeing all those sprinters up there in every class.

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We all boast as to why our class is superior to another, we're faster, we're easier handling, we are self starters, more horse power, ect ect We hear all the time about new "money saving series" starting up all over.

Sorry to say but racing involves money. Drivers with money will always have the best materials, and the best material available in the blink of an eye.

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