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Patron saint of divorce

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In honor of the day, we present to you some of the lesser-known and more modern patronages of the saints.

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There's a great story about St. Genesiusthe patron saint of actors, that tells of how Patron saint of divorce had an epiphany while performing in a play satirizing Christian sacrament and converted to Christianity on the spot, right in the middle of the play.

Emperor Diocletian, for whom the play was being performed, was enraged Patron saint of divorce, when Genesius refused to change his mind, had the performer tortured and beheaded. Sadly, this story is just that—a story—that originated three centuries after Genesius' death. Genesius was actually a legal clerk who became so upset about the edict of persecution for Christians that he left his position and went in search of baptism.

He was beheaded, around CE, but there's no evidence to suggest the conversion-during-a-play story is accurate.

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Genesius remains the go-to patron for actors. Vitus has a slightly more legitimate reason to be patron saint of performers, but it's still a bit contrived.

Patron saint of divorce martyred circa CE during the persecution of Christians under the co-ruling Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, Vitus is one of the "Fourteen Holy Helpers," a group of saints venerated together because their intercession is considered especially effective. Vitus' feast day, June 15th, was celebrated in the late Middle Ages with dancing in front of a statue of the saint see the image at left.

He thus was adopted as the saint of dancers, and of performers in general. He's also the patron saint of those suffering from epilepsy and Sydenham's chorea, a.

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Saint Vitus Dance, "a disease characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements. Bernardine of Sienawho was a Franciscan priest, is considered the patron saint of advertisers, an honor that stems from his passionate and highly persuasive preaching. When he first became a Franciscan an order known as missionary preachersBernardine focused on prayer and didn't praech much due to a weak, hoarse voice.

After 12 years, he journeyed to Milan on a mission, where he preached with a voice so "strong and commanding" and "words so convincing that the crowd would not let him leave unless he promised to come back. Inhe realized his death was imminent, and preached for 50 consecutive days until his death.

The Patron saint of divorce thing about St. Bernardine being the patron saint of Patron saint of divorce is that he was noted for his dislike of indecent talk, something that features heavily in much of modern advertising.

Once when he was a boy, an adult for some reason thought it would funny to stop Bernardine in the town square and publicly embarrass him with indecent talk, but the tables were turned when young Bernardine slapped the man across the face, humiliating him. Radio broadcasters and "communication workers" in general can look to Gabriel the Archangel as their patron saint. Gabriel is, of course, the angel who appeared to Mary to announce her pregnancy with the Son of God.

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He's also the angel who announced to Daniel the "seventy times seven" prophecy and the angel who foretold the birth of St. John the Baptist to Zachariah. And for those working in television, there's St.

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Clare was inspired to imitate Francis of Assisi after hearing him preach, and she ran away from home to "live a poor humble life for Jesus," eventually founding an order of nuns known as the "Poor Clares.

Sick in her bed on Christmas Eve, she saw visions of Patron saint of divorce chapel mass on the wall of her cell, complete with organ music and singing. Clare the patron saint of television in Beer has just one patron saint, an Austrian bishop who was known for extolling the benefits of drinking beer.

Arnold was born into a prominent Austrian family in CE.

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In that time, water wasn't actually very safe to drink, as it was often filled with contaminants that could make people sick. Beer's preparation, however, kills off any harmful bacteria, making it positively healthy in comparison. Arnold spoke often on the topic of beer, especially its health benefits. He's credited with the statement, "From man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world.

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About a year after Arnold's death and burial at his monastery in Remiremont, France, his body was relocated to the local Patron saint of divorce in Metz, France, where he had frequently preached.

According to legend, the procession that transported his body stopped at Patron saint of divorce tavern for refreshment on the way, but there was only one mug of beer left, so they all split it Today, there's a brewery in Houston named for the patron saint of beer: Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

Brewers have a whole assortment of patron saints to call their own: Yet the explanations for these patrons are lacking. The only one given an explanation is St.

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Augustine of Hippoand it's shaky at best. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions. His complete turnaround and conversion has been an inspiration to many who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to break. His early bad boy lifestyle may have been a classic case of rebellion—his mother was the Patron saint of divorce holy St.

Patron saint of divorce, who managed to convert her husband and his mother to Christianity. She prayed for Augustine through 17 years of his "loose living" and was consoled by a priest who told her, "It is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish. Monicashe's known as the patron saint of alcoholics and those affected by them. In addition to her challenges with her son Augustine, her husband was an abusive alcoholic pagan whom she had married through arrangement at a young age.

Despite their differences and his bad temper, Monica was able to not only "nag him to sobriety," as one site put it, but to convert him to her faith.

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She's also the patron saint of wives and victims of abuse, as you may have been able to guess. There isn't much information available as to why St. John Francis Regis is regarded as the patron saint of illegitimate children, but it's most likely related to his work with "wayward women and girls. Those who Patron saint of divorce been divorced, especially women, can look to Helena of Constantinoplemother of Constantine the Great, as their patron saint.

Helena also known as St. Helen is most often associated with the True Crosssince she is credited with finding the relics of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. It's unknown exactly when and how she met Emperor Constantius, but it is Patron saint of divorce that when they met he saw her as "his soulmate sent by God. Whatever the specifics, the two were in a relationship that produced an heir, Constantine, around the year CE.

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They remained together for at least 15 years, but in CE Constantius, who was Roman Emperor Caesar, divorced Helena to enter into a politically advantageous marriage Patron saint of divorce a younger woman, Theodora, who was the stepdaugher of Maximian, Roman Emperor Augustus at the time. As for single moms, they have St. Margaret of Cortonawho became the mistress of a nobleman when she was a teenager.

Margaret remained with the nobleman for ten years and even bore him a son, despite his refusal to marry her as she desired. She left only after his murder don't worry, she wasn't the one who killed him and returned home to her father's house with her son, but her stepmother refused to let her stay.

Francis although her past led to resistance by some members of the order.

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