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Celeste had always been jealous of her older sister Alicia. Just two years apart, she was a spitting image of Alicia and from a distance, the attractive pair could easily pass off as twins.

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But even though Celeste harboured deep feelings of jealousy and resentment towards her sibling, Alicia was as loving and protective of her as any older sister would be — she was completely oblivious to how much Celeste hated her. Then, Alicia got engaged.

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The couple had met at a charity event and started a whirlwind romance. A few months later, James proposed. Parents and families were introduced and the pair set a wedding date six months after their engagement. With not a lot of time to their big day, Alicia and James got right down to the wedding preparations. Alicia asked her younger sister to be her maid of honour, and while Celeste wanted no part in the wedding, there was no way she could refuse.

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While Celeste was initially aloof to James, she soon found herself warming up to him. I realised he was indeed the wonderful catch that everyone made him out to be.

James too, was delighted to get to know his future sister-in-law.

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Alicia had told him how much her younger sister meant to her and he wanted to make his future wife happy. As the couple were planning a long honeymoon in Europe after the wedding, Alicia worked long hours to wrap up her work.

She started staying late at the office several times a week, leaving. Inevitably, the two grew closer, building up a comfortable repartee.

Gradually, James started opening up to Celeste, telling her about his wild university days, his ambitions, likes and dislikes, even his feelings about Alicia and their plans for the future. Celeste felt she knew almost as much about him as her sister did — and realised she was falling in love with James. I loathed having my sister around and hated seeing them together. Surreptitiously, Celeste started creating opportunities to keep the couple apart, while making sure she was around James to lend him a helping hand.

Then came the day before the wedding. James was grateful for the company.

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